Rise Medical and Cliovana partner to Offer First-of-Its-Kind Cliovana, Non-invasive, Sexual Wellness Treatment for Women

June 23, 2022

This groundbreaking soundwave technology works specifically to improve a women's arousal as well as the frequency and intensity of Orgasms during intimacy.

CORONA DEL MAR, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , June 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Rise Medical Corona Del Mar, CA is a leader in the Art & Science of Sexual Wellness.
For all men and women, a fulfilling sex life and focus on intimacy has long been overlooked as a pillar of mental and physical health. Without it, intimacy can fade, and relationship complacency can set in, deeply affecting overall health. We, at Rise Medical, believe attention to biological issues and their impact on our wellness go hand in hand. Healthy sex lives promote better relationships, marriages, and greater happiness for all.
Rise continues to lead the way by offering state of the art technology and specific treatments for a women’s overall sexual wellness. They are excited to now offer Cliovana, the fastest-growing, non-invasive female sexual wellness treatment in North America.
“This is truly the perfect pairing. Rise’s mission is to provide an empowering method of rejuvenating men and women’s sexual health so they can find true intimacy,” says Dan Markel, Founder and CEO of Rise Medical. “Cliovana does just that - there are no lasers, surgery, needles, probing, pain, or downtime. The Cliovana solution is what so many women are looking for but until now many were too embarrassed or scared to talk about it.” The time has come for Rise Medical & Cliovana to help you get the honeymoon back.

Cliovana focuses on the clitoris with an acoustic sound wave, a blood-stimulating solution that is a gentle alternative to rejuvenation surgery. It is an entirely non-invasive treatment that creates a long-term increase in women’s sexual responsiveness and intensity, helps with painful sex and lubrication, and increases orgasm frequency. The results are often felt immediately and intensify over three months. Best of all, these effects last for a year or more and can be sustained with an annual revitalization session of two 10-minute treatments.

“The soundwave technology employed by Cliovana has been around for decades to address health issues,” says Greg MacDonald, Cliovana CEO. “Using this for women’s sexual wellness is the perfect solution. It enhances arousal at the cellular level and causes the body to do more of what it does naturally - regenerate cells, which means greater clitoral responsiveness.”

To find out more please contact Rise Medical. http://www.risemedical.com We are located at 2121 E. Coast Highway, Corona De Mar, CA 92625. To make your confidential appointment please call 949-270-6152. To Learn more information about the Cliovana patented treatment please visit them at https://www.cliovana.com.

About Cliovana:
Cliovana is the fastest growing non-invasive female sexual health soundwave treatment in the country that creates long-term increases in lubrication, women’s sexual responsiveness and orgasm frequency and intensity. The patented protocol is specifically designed for women and uses safe and proven sound wave technology to stimulate the body's natural processes, enhancing vascularization and neurogenesis in the clitoris, the area most critical to sexual satisfaction. The treatments are fast and pain-free, with no side effects and downtime. Find out more at https://www.cliovana.com.

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