New Book Release – The Missionary and The Magician - An inspirational story from the dawn of Christianity

June 23, 2022

The Missionary and The Magician - Front Cover

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The little-known true story of the life of St. Peter – after the resurrection of Jesus – and his conflicts with the sorcerer Simon Magus, THE MAN WHO COULD FLY!

An easy-reading, faith-based tale of wonder and awe!. Facts and events in riveting story form – drama, spectacle, and miracles, that will inform, entertain, and inspire readers of all ages.”
— Christina K
CHICAGO, IL, USA, June 23, 2022 / -- A new book of wonder and marvel from Crystal Sea Press
The Missionary and The Magician, by Edward N Brown

The later life of the man chosen to carry the future hope of the world on his shoulders – an uneducated working man – a simple villager and fisherman – but a holy man of incredible character – a man destined for greatness! His name was Simon, but he is known to history as Saint Peter. Here is what you’ve always wondered about – the rest of his story!

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Already persecuted by Jewish traditionalists, gentile pagans, and imperial Roman authorities, the early Christians are now troubled by false messiahs, phony prophets, sham sorcerers, and mystery religions. And the greatest heretic is a man called Simon!
Strong in faith, will, and determination, and empowered by Jesus Christ with the ‘Keys to the Kingdom’, Peter takes on the challenge of his life, and proves to all the believers that he truly is the ‘Rock of the Church’.

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About the Author:
Edward N Brown is a storyteller with a background in science, philosophy, ancient history, and theology. His technique is to blend the interesting nuggets of historical record, legend, biography, romance, scientific fact, spirituality, and personal drama – all mixed together into an informative, but easy-reading, faith-based tale of wonder and awe. An educational background of three advanced degrees (PhD + two MS) has contributed to his insights on Christianity, Religion, Antiquity, Morality, and Human Nature. Classified as ‘Narrative Non-Fiction’ (ancient religious history), his works represent an elegant fusion of style – facts and events in riveting story form – drama and intrigue that will inform, entertain, and inspire readers of all ages.

Crystal Sea Press –
Bringing to the World Inspirational Stories from the Dawn of Christianity –
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Not just history but inspiration.
Not just societal critique but riveting story.
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Relive the thoughts and acts of those at the beginning of a New Age!
Feel their pain and experience their joy as they fight to bring a bright new religion filled with hope
into a darkened uncaring world fraught with despair.

Edward N Brown
Crystal Sea Press
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